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Birthday puja

The most important day of a person is his birthday. It is the when he come in this materialistic world with the grace of god. On this auspicious day, it is advised to perform puja and homa to get blessings of god and to thank him. The homa and puja is done after the calculating the right time of your birthday. Birthday is the most significant day in everyone’s life be it a 5 year old child or 50 year old adult.

Significance of birthday puja:

Birthday is a very special day in each one us life. All in the remembrance of our coterie god or goddesses and deities offer this puja. Performing of homa on this day help in attaining the happiness in future and we can show our gratitude towards the god and our most adorable god and goddesses. The devotee performs this puja on his birthday to ensure a happy and long life. This puja is done for not just to get prosperity but also to remove any obstacle coming in the devotee’s life.

How to perform birthday puja:

The birthday puja is done on the behalf of devotee. The deities and god goddesses are remembered and things are offered to them through the homa. After the puja, sweets and other gifts are distributed to the children and needy people. The birthday puja is addressed to ganpati dev, mahadev, vishnudev, durga maa and even to the local deities of your region. This puja is for the overall welfare of the devotee. The main aim of puja is to get the blessings by divine power and achieve happiness and peace in life.

Benefits of birthday puja:

This puja help in a good start of the coming year. It is done to achieve success and wellness of the family. It helps in sustaining the good health and promotes the career escalation. Every year the stars position changes in the horoscope of person on this auspicious day. Hence, puja done on this day amplifies the positive effects and decreases the negative effects of stars and planets. This help in achieving the overall success, prosperity, and peace of mind.

Birthday puja mantra:

Chant any mantra of your deities. Ganesh mantra is for all so you can chant the following Ganesha mantra:

Gajananam bhutganadhi sevitam

Kapithjambufalcharu bhakshanam

Uma sutam shokvinashkarakam

Namami vighneshwar padupankajam.

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Online Birthday Pooja

Online Birthday Pooja

Birthday puja

The most important day of a person is his birthday. It is the when he come in this materialistic world with the grace of

Price: Rs. 2,500.00

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