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KaalBhairavJayanti is celebrated on the eighth day of waning moon i.e on the ashtami of Krishna Paksha of margshirsha month of Hindu calendar.  On the day of BhairavJayanti Lord Shiva appeared in the form of Bhairav to make his worshiper free from all the bad sins they have committed. The bhairavAshtami is also known as KaalAshtmi and people observe fast for the whole day. It is believed that worshipping Lord Bhairav with full devotion, all the desires of the individual is fulfilled by the Lord Bhairav. Worshipping Lord Bhairav also helps to attain knowledge of mantra and tantra because according to Shiv Purana it is believed that Lord Bhairavnath is known as rudra avatar and knows all the tantras and mantras. During this Jayanti it is advisable to take bah early in the morning and perform shraadh for the ancestors followed by the bhairavnathpooja. BhairavJayntiPooja brings the strong determination in the life and keeps the health of the individual fit.

When is Bhairav Jayanti date in year 2014 and 2015

This year Kal Bhairav Jayanti will be observed on 14 November 2014 Friday


Bhairava Jayanti date in the year 2015 is on 03 December 2015, Thursday.

How to do BhairavJayantiPooja

KaalBhairavpooja needs to be done with proper rituals and full of devotion. First place either the idol or painting or yantra of Lord Bhairav at the pooja place and then worship Lord Ganesha first and then the bhairavnath. Jaagran needs to be performed on this day followed by Bhairavnath Katha and bhairavnathaarti. It is also believed that offering the food to black dog also helps to attain blesssings of Lord Bhairavnath because dog is the vehicle of the Lord.

Benefits of BhairavJayantiPooja

KaalBhairavpooja helps in attaining peace in life and also helps to get rid of all illness in the life. This pooja also helps to remove malefic effect of the wrong position of planets. Gurus who perform tantric attain the knowledge of all trantras and mantras by worshipping Lord Bhairavnath. Doing this pooja also helps the individual to get all the materialistic comforts and success.

Significance of BhairavJayanti

Goddess Kali is also being worshipped along with BhairavNath to attain peace and harmony in the life and to maintain the wealth and health for the lifetime. All the difficulties and hurdles in the life can be removed by reading bhairavchalisa, bayukbhairavkawach, bhairavtantroktam, kaalbhairavstrotra etc. BhairavJayantipooja is being observed for the whole night and Lord Shiva and MaaParvatiare also being worshipped.

Mantra on BhairavJayanti


Aneenaardhyapradanentushtobhav Shiva priyaa||







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Online Bhairav Jayanti

Online Bhairav Jayanti


KaalBhairavJayanti is celebrated on the eighth day of waning moon i.e on the ashtami of Krishna Paksha of margshirsha month of Hindu calendar. 

Price: Rs. 2,500.00

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