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Shukra or Venus Pooja

The Shukra Pooja is done to please the planet Venus. The Graha Shanti Shukra Pooja is advised to those who are having malefic effect due to the wrong position of planet Venus in the horoscope. The Venus planet is considered to be the beneficial planet as it is very charming with the splendid physique. The Venus planet is watery in nature. Shukra bestows his devotees with long life, wealth, prosperity, children and good education. The pooja for the Shukra planet can be started on any Friday. It is recommended that during the pooja one should wear white clothes and should recite the mantra facing south-east direction. If the people keep fasts on this day then the positive effects are seen earlier. The Shukra finds the fourth house of the Graha to be more comfortable. Shukra rules over the zodiac signs of Taurus and Libra, exalts in the zodiac sign of Pisces and falls in the zodiac sign opposite to that of Virgo. The Venus planet resides for one month in each graha and takes one year to complete the whole cycle.

Malefic Effects of Venus on Birth Chart

Venus is the planet of marriage and transportation. If Venus lies in an inauspicious place in the birth chart then it might create several critical health problems like eye afflictions, infertility, menstrual troubles, abortions, etc.

How to do Shukra Pooja

The Shukra Pooja is done to improvise prosperity, luxury, wealth, sensual pleasures and beauty. This pooja is dedicated to planet Shukra and is done on Fridays. On the day of puja, one has to take early bath and perform Ganesh and Shukra pooja while offering white flowers. Also, the Shukra vrat katha is read during the event.

The fasting for Shukra puja is done from sunrise to sunset. During the fast, one can only cook and take white color food like Kheer. The food is taken after sunset and spices are fully avoided in that.

Significance of Shukra or Venus Graha Pooja

Venus planet is considered to be the indicator of luxury, comfort, benefit, happiness, prosperity, love, marriage, art, music, dance, conveyances, passion, acting and sex. Shukra bestows his devotees with the power of controlling their sense organs which will help them to attain name and fame. Affliction to the planet Venus can cause venereal complaints, pimples, indigestion, eye disease, rashes on skin and loss of appetite.

Benefits of Shukra or Venus Graha Pooja

The Shukra Garah pooja provides many benefits to the individual like:-

  1. Acceleration in the business matters.
  2. Enhancement in the love and bliss
  3. Good sexual life
  4. Good health and appetite
  5. Materialistic development
  6. Stability in the financial condition
  7. Abundant wealth
  8. Minimizing the malefic effect due to position of Venus.

Mantra for chanting on Shukra or Venus Graha pooja

Dhyan Mantra:-

Himkundmrinalabham Daetyanam Parabham Gurum, Sarvashastrapravaktaram Bhargavam Pranmamyaham

Gayatri Shukra Mantra:-

Aum Rajadabaaya Vidmahe, 
Brigusuthaya Dheemahi,
Tanno Shukrah Prachodayat

Aum Rajadabaaya Vidmahe, 
Brigusuthaya Dheemahi,
Tanno Shukrah Prachodayat



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