Virgo Monthwise Horoscope 2014

2014 Virgo Horoscope – Based on Moon Sign

January: You will do well in the work and progress is visible despite of all pressure and issues continued with your family. In the next half, there will be a marked rise in your worries regarding your children. Your ego might create issues with your father so be careful. Smart lucrative from the investments is coming ahead during this time.

February: Till mid of the month some conflicts and your ego might brigs trouble for you. Be cautious with your relationship with the children and father. Certain lucrative will be gained from the investments. In the next half, your status will improve and you get the full support of your seniors and highly placed officials.

March: This month you will find progress in most of your work and do well in all aspects. Do not be jealous and aggressive with your seniors as it may backfire on you. During the next half, you find opposition to your ideas, ego problems in the partnership and with your spouse too.

April: Lots of pressure regarding your work is observed during the first half of the month. Certain issues in your married life might trouble you a lot. Be patient during this time. In the next half, you find a gradual decrease in your stamina, immunity, and energy, which brings in certain health issues. Keep yourself away from any promises and commitments.

May: The month starts with the low energy and issues with the family members.  By the mid of the month your luck will be in your favor and you comes out with the tremendous energy and strength.  Your health will be improved and growth in financial status is visible during this time.

June:  Your luck favors you and you will do well in your work until mid of the month. Good lucrative could be earned by the travels. You would perform certain religious activities too during this period. You will make a significant growth in your career. You will get the support from the highly placed officials because of your controlled behavior.

July: You will be very clear regarding your views related to your work and position in life. This is a good month when you show an all-round progress. By the next half, you will get good financial strength. This period you will enjoy with your friends and socially it brings in rewards for you. You get the advantages from the highly placed officials during this time.

August: An advantageous and progressive period will run during this month. This period you will enjoy the life at its best. Friends appreciate your ideas and you will make advantages too during this time. By the next half, you will found a loss in your energy and stamina. Your expenses increase as well. Do not go for any commitments during this time.

September: Month takes up a slow start. Your energy level and immunity is also low during this time. Do not take up with any controversies with your seniors. Keep check on your words and facial illness as it may spoil the matter for you. Control your diet and anger during this period. Your ego may also bring in conflicts with the friends.

October: A period of vigorous activity is waiting for you. Be patient and deal with the people carefully. Keep a check on your words, personality, and body language as it might bring in the issues and make the situations worst. By the end of the month, an advantageous period is commencing.

November: Guard your words and ego during the first half of this month. You might suffer from some oral health problems. During this time, your financial growth is commendable. In the next half of this month, an exciting time is waiting for you where you meet with the new people and challenges. You get the advantages through the influential people as a positive time is experienced by you.

December: This month is starting with the new ideas and horizons where you will be able to promote yourself confidently. Your networking skills will be improved. You find yourself filled with energy and strength. During this time, you find happiness coming through your way in the form of assets. Despite this, certain issues might arise with the family members.

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