Leo Yearly Horoscope 2014



Year would be quite good and filled with aspirations and achievements. Some good changes related to the work or the place either or both are much indicated. you will be energetic and will aim for better results at work.


Job/Business and Finances


No doubt, this is a good time but at times sudden tensions can engulf the mind. This year you will make very good decisions related to your career. Bur it would be wise to curve your expenditure but yes property related expenditure would bring satisfaction and happiness. Your expertise will play a vital role for sorting out problems. Getting promotion is highly possible.


Love and Married life


Your relationship will be more deeper and string in this year however you will have to avoid arguments. You will able to clear old disputes.  Some new proposal for marriage will come in this year



Family and social Life


Some disputes will be there in social life. Reputation will be lesser. Love/marital life will be average.. Avoid dispute with family member.




You may have too many travels for your profession or education. You will also visit on some religious or historical places in this year.




You will face some minor heath problems related to stomach and liver.  But if you are suffering from any trouble just be regular with your medicine if your medication is going on.



Recommended Remedies


Distribute alms and food to the needy people.

Offer water to Surya dev


Recommended Vedic Pujas


Surya Puja

Graha Shanti Puja

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