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Astrological analysis of love, marriage and relationships

Astrological analysis of love, marriage and relationships We always believe in the saying that “Marriages are made in heaven”. But in reality it is much different from our dream world. In the world of harsh reality, marriage is regarded as a system of continuous adjustments. We all like to believe that commitments, love and sweet […]

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Tarot horoscope 2017

Tarot horoscope 2017 Tarot is not the only way of predicting future with a bunch of cards, but a method of giving an overview of our coming life. Want to know what these magical cards have for you in 2017? Whether its success, love, disappointment or money? Read on to know more. Aries It will […]

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The significance of Gems Stone for Wear

 The significance of Gems Stone for Wear As per Vedic astrological traits, malefic or benefit planets or body display results at Madasha, Antardasha and movement. The outcome, from these traits, depends totally over the strength of the planets’ placement on the horoscope. If a planet is considered as weak over the chart, the outcome related […]

Navgrah Mandir

 History of Navgrah Mandir

Khargaon Town is known for the 600 years old temple called Navgrah Mandir- “The mandir of nine planets”.  The foundation of this 600 years old temple was done by Shree Sheshappa Sukhawadhani Weragkar. The popularity of Navgrah mandir had made the name of Khargaon town as “Navgraha Ki Nagri”. The temple of nine planets is situated near the Kunda River.

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